31 May 2016

My first steps ...

For the past 14 years I had wanted to get serious about woodworking.  I grew up with my father and grandfather doing some sort of wood working (either by necessity or as a hobby).  In 2001 during a bout of unemployment, a friend of mine helped me (more like me helping him) build a desk.  Ever since I wanted to get more into woodworking.  Due to several job relocations and establishing my career, I put it off. 

In late 2012, things settled down and my wife and I bought a home with a three car garage (a non-negotiable criteria of mine).  In 2013, I remodeled the garage so that I could finally do my wood working.  I had anticipated using power tools and the remodel reflected that (lots of plugs and power in the garage).  Around that time, I started to do some serious internet searching (planning for the power tools). I bumped into Chris Schwartz blogging and wood working with hand tools just clicked.  I bought his Anarchist Tool book and spent a year reading it plus plenty of other hand tool things including Paul Sellers.  Finally in late 2015 I was ready to start making some purchases and sold a car to fund my initial tool purchases.

That catches you up to the present where I have been toiling away as time allows for the last 6 months.

The purpose of this blog is for me to document my journey in woodworking for someone of absolutely no experience to see where it takes me.  Follow along if you would like.  As in all your interactions with others, please be kind.  I am sure there will be many setbacks and foibles along the way.  I hope to share the good and the bad.