21 September 2016

Sorry I haven't written in a while.  Life has been busy in a good sense.  I have been woodworking on a regular basis.  I'm finding I need to do a better job of aligning my photos with what I then go and do the typing on.  Two different machines result in me taking photos but then not writing about it because it's just inconvenient enough to post the photos. 

I have:
  • reorganized the bench tool locations (flows a bit more nicely)
  • ordered some Sheffield steel chisels (complete set 1/8 to 1" in eigth increments; heard I can get them sharper than my O2 chisels).
  • Finished my first Paul Sellers designed clock (was very happy with it).
  • Started another wall clock of same style (let's me focus on getting better)
  • Went to a local Lie-Nielsen tool event and spent more than I should have (though mostly from my list of tools I still wanted)
  • Installed LED under cabinet lighting above my bench (makes a big difference)
I can't wait till summer is gone and the fall is back.  I have a work bonus coming soon.  I will use a portion of that money to but an appropriately sized portable AC unit for the garage so that it will be more comfortable to work.

Of course, I don't think anyone is reading my blog postings (yet, I hope) so mostly I just feel guilty to myself for not documenting stuff.