Friday, July 8, 2016

You spin my right round .... Seller's style wall clock roundovers

Before I get to fixing the panel length (and possibly width), I decided to do the round overs on the top and bottom piece.  It looked easy watching Paul Sellers do it but then again, everything he does looks easy.  So, I tried it.  It was easy.  Now, they aren't quite uniform in how they are rounded over but I'm still quite happy with it for my first attempt.  Also, besides me (and my dad), I suspect most folks won't be looking that carefully.

There will be a clock number two (and possibly a number three at some point as well).  Doing these builds several times over allows me see if I can do each successive item a bit better.  Also, I know the joints on the clock will help me for making cabinet frames and shelves (and I have several things in mind that I want to build in this area).  Case in point are the tool caddy's shown below.  The extras will be used as holiday gifts.  And who doesn't want a nice handcrafted item as a gift.

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