Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sorry I haven't written in a while.  Life has been busy in a good sense.  I have been woodworking on a regular basis.  I'm finding I need to do a better job of aligning my photos with what I then go and do the typing on.  Two different machines result in me taking photos but then not writing about it because it's just inconvenient enough to post the photos. 

I have:
  • reorganized the bench tool locations (flows a bit more nicely)
  • ordered some Sheffield steel chisels (complete set 1/8 to 1" in eigth increments; heard I can get them sharper than my O2 chisels).
  • Finished my first Paul Sellers designed clock (was very happy with it).
  • Started another wall clock of same style (let's me focus on getting better)
  • Went to a local Lie-Nielsen tool event and spent more than I should have (though mostly from my list of tools I still wanted)
  • Installed LED under cabinet lighting above my bench (makes a big difference)
I can't wait till summer is gone and the fall is back.  I have a work bonus coming soon.  I will use a portion of that money to but an appropriately sized portable AC unit for the garage so that it will be more comfortable to work.

Of course, I don't think anyone is reading my blog postings (yet, I hope) so mostly I just feel guilty to myself for not documenting stuff.


  1. Hi Joe

    Just found your blog.
    Thanks for commenting on mine, that was how I found you.
    I'll add your blog to my blog list.
    Writing your blog as a way of documenting stuff to yourself is a very respectable approach. After all it should be fun to write it, so you just have to go about doing it the way you prefer.

    The clock is looking really good.


  2. Hi Joe,
    just found your blog today (02/23/17) I like the clock and especially the beads. I made 27 of them before I felt content with making the stopped dadoes in them.