17 July 2021

Making A Wooden Spokeshave from a Hock Tools Kit

 Back in March 2019, Lie Nielsen was having a hand tool event in Santa Rosa, CA.  I went.  This is like the 5th Lie Nielsen tool even I've gone to.  The other four were in Oakland, CA.  What I like about these tool events is that they have instructors there who will answer your questions and demonstrate.  Given that my learning is virtual via Paul Sellers videos, I really look forward to these events as it is a chance to interact with an instructors.  

Even if you don't have specific questions, just hanging out while others ask questions and the instructors answer those is quite educational.  I attribute my ability to use a card scraper to these events.  The big insight was the instructor there initially held the card scraper perpendicular to the surface of the wood.  As he moved it forward he slowly tilted it forward, when you reach the proper angle for the burr, you can feel the card scraper grab.  This was really helpful for me.

At one of the events Ron Hock and his wife from Hock Tools was there.  Nice gentleman.  I have enjoyed making some tools for my shop and he had a wooden spoke shave kit.  I bought it.  Recently, I got around to making it.

It comes with the holes drilled. angle for the mouth cut, and the brass wear strip location routed out.  I'm sure I could do all of this myself but having it pre-done really removes the intimidation factor.  Oddly enough, the kit doesn't have any measurements or diagram for making the spoke shave.  It wasn't the hard to go online and find one to print out.  Bob Rozaieski has lots of nice videos and blogs on making hand tools (Tools – Bob Rozaieski Fine Woodworking (brfinewoodworking.com)) so I used his as the basis for mine.

Making it was straight forward.  Using a mixture of saws, chisels, gouges, rasps, files, and card scrapers I made it over a weekend.  I finished it with shellac and wax.  It come out nice.

It works well and is different than the Stanley 151 that I primarily use.  I enjoyed this build so much that I plan to make more hand tools. In fact, I have a small tool chest I built not that long ago. I have purchased some tools for it but still need more to make a portable kit.  I will go with either vintage tools or make my own for this tool chest.

In terms of the Lie Nielsen event.  Anne of All Trades was one of their guest instructors.  I am a huge fan of her website so I was excited when I saw her there.  Kevin Drake from Glen Drake tools was there as well.  And yes, I bought something from Glen Drake tools as well as Lie Nielsen.  I am a huge believer in spending my money in things I believe in and not spending it in companies/corporations I don't like.  As such, when I go to these events, where possible, I want/plan to buy something from all the vendors as I very much want them to go to future events.  All of them have helped me learn something about woodworking and I appreciate that.

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