Friday, June 24, 2016

my first visit to Woodcraft

I had never been to a woodcraft store.  My dad has and had said many nice things about it.  It being father's day weekend, it seemed like a good way to spend a few hours with my dad.  Needless to say I was impressed and giddy all at once.  I have gone online and looked at their items.  There is something to be said for seeing items in person. 

There were two things that I really liked there:
1. They had lots of books/magainzes on how to make things and various designs.  I like to flip through pages before I buy books and this was definitely helpful.  I will be back to this.

2. They have a nice lumber selection.  The lumber store nearer to my home has a very nice but somewhat limited selection of wood types.  At Woodcraft, there were many different kinds of woods.  I can see if I am looking for something a little different, I can probably find it here.

In terms of money spent, I behaved.  I bought an inexpensive compass that I need to draw a circle so I can then cut out the hole for the Paul Sellers clock I've been working on.  I opted to get the $8 general brand one.  If it fails me, then I will consider upgrading.  Also, I found a nice piece of straight grain ash that is 3"x3"x12".  It was $14ish and is the perfect size for which to use to make my wooden plane.  A while ago I had bought the Veritas Norris style make your own wood plane kit.  I'm looking to making it.

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