Tuesday, June 21, 2016

sharpening done simply for me

I’m trying to keep things simple.  Wood working has hotly debated topics much like all other hobbies (have an idea for a future blog I’m really looking forward to writing that addresses this topic in deail).  After using the tools for 6 months, I felt that I needed to sharpen the blades.  There are a million options on how to sharpen woodworking tools.  Some of these are quite complex.  With my other hobbies, I dislike complex.  I wanted to keep it simples.  Well, this is where I really like Paul Sellers.  He has been woodworking for 50 years as a profession.  In his videos and in his book, he basically has tried all of the systems.  He settled on diamond stones and created a simple gig to hold them which I copied.  I used birtic balch plywood and double sided tape then little wood strips I nailed in.  I set the offsets of the strips of wood so that I have predefined distances I can use to set my sharpening gig to so I can get either 25 or 30 C grind angles.  I eventually want to get away from using any The strope was just as easy to make.  What I really like about Paul Sellers in general is that he has done this for 50 years as a full time job and can attest to what is practical and quick.  I trust him.  Others may want to sharpen a different way and that is fine by me.  I’ve made a decision on the topic, spent the money, and built the sharpening station so I no longer need to think about it.  It felt nice to build this.  The first sharpening went well.

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