02 January 2021

Progress On The Breadbox

 Since my initial posting in Dec 2020, there has been progress on the breadbox.  I went from the rough sketch to the final design.  The frame and panel on the side moved to the front.  For making this, I don't need any further detailed drawings as many of my other projects have contained this type of joinery.  For some of the dimensions (overlap of top, length of legs that lift the bottom off the counter, etc) I will need to make and see what looks proper.  As for the thickness, I am going with 3/4" stock.  It might look better in 1/2" stock but I have no way of easily knowing until I start building it.

I had some cherry and maple left over from other projects so I used what I had at hand.  I like having some wood in stock at home but I don't want it to get out of hand.  I used my favorite holdfast for much of the cutting.  Two of the rough sawn boards were perfect size for what I needed.  That made me happy.

Speaking of cutting, I noticed at about 100 to 200 hours into learning how to woodwork that cutting to a line got much easier.  I think what happened was mostly just practicing and figuring out what variables mattered.  A relaxed grip on the handle is important.  Also, when I cut, I really keep focused on about the 1/8" below the teeth.  That is the spot where the new cut is being made.  Not much else matters except to continue the cut and keeping focused just there really seems to help.

Not that it matters right now as this is all rough cut and is about 1" overlength and 1/2" over width.  Still, I like to practice cutting to the line whenever I can.  There is much less pressure when cutting to rough length which often seems to make it easier to cut close to the line.  With the wood now cut, time to sharpen the chisels and plane irons.  I used to not look forward to this but I'm finding that five years into my woodworking, I'm getting better at enjoying all aspects of the work.  Each part is important and gives me a chance to get better at it.

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